Reflection on dreams: Michael Shen ’18

graphic by John Liang

What is your experience with dreams?

They’re generally in color. I don’t really remember them afterwards; I don’t dream very often because … I won’t dream throughout the night, but then in the mornings when I’m half awake, that’s when I’ll have my dreams. Sometimes my dreams come in read form — not like the color, but text — so I’ll almost be reading my dream. I can also talk about my nightmares. My nightmares aren’t like being chased or falling. I have this really weird nightmare where it’s me and I’m facing this problem — it’s an abstract problem. I can’t solve it in time, and it’s about to crush me. I’ve got to solve this horrible problem, and I have to fix it. But it’s so massive, and my tools are so small that I can’t fix it.


Is it a math problem?

It depends; sometimes it’s a puzzle, and sometimes it’s a math problem.


Do you think about your dreams?

I think about my dreams, but I’m not like Professor Trelawney [from the Harry Potter series].

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