A year in (issue) review

9,365 minutes
How do you measure,
Measure a year?
In deadlines?
In photos?
In burritos
From Taste of Mexico?
In pages, in fonts, in laughter, in strife?

We can’t even begin to measure our year with the Tower. As the paper is about to enter its 90th year of publication, we are so proud of our role in continuing the Tower’s legacy and, soon, to pass it onto the dedicated editors coming in January. As our last issue comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished together this year.

At PHS, we have a lot to be proud of — and, consequently, a lot to feature. This year, we’ve worked hard to foster a greater sense of community and to share the stories of our athletic superstars, talented artists, or dedicated teachers and staff.

Beyond the stories we’ve covered, we are most proud of the difficult choices we’ve made. Perhaps one of our most public and controversial decisions this year was not printing the college map in June. Since then, countless people have approached us in the halls with their complaints and, though it may be awkward, we try our hardest to use it as an opportunity for open discussion. It is important before we print anything to consider if we’re doing right by our community and values, and we continue to stand by that decision as an important step towards addressing the culture in our school that directly affects us as students.

Moreover, the Tower has also provided us a platform to influence and inform school policy. The all-too-frequent surveys that we do can be fun (“Describe the most interesting dream you’ve ever had!”), but they also often concern important issues that the students face — from exploring levels of student stress to assessing the effectiveness of the new math homework policy. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to provide a basis for important decisions to be made, such as district-wise policy. And when those decisions are made, we promise to continue reporting on the changes that affect you in the most comprehensible and timely manner.

For our last issue with you, we wanted to thank the school, editors, staff, and contributors for giving us the ability to do what we do. You are the reason we gave up sports practices, music rehearsals, and sleep. The pride we feel at seeing hundreds of you, copies in hand, reading the paper, talking to each other about it, and laughing at the glaring typos on the first page makes the time and effort we’ve sacrificed worth it. Maybe that’s how we should measure a year with the Tower.

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