Quitting Interview: Miles Franklin ’18

What is something that you’ve quit?

I have quit tennis before.

How did you get involved with tennis?

I went to my grandma’s house one time when I was really young — six or something. I just started playing with her racket, and I thought it was really fun.

Do you regret quitting?

Yeah, I played tennis for seven or eight years… I played tennis for a really long time; it was my favorite sport. And then I switched to cross country, which I also love, but I really miss being able to play a sport that was a lot more interactive with other people.

Why did you quit?

I quit to start cross country because I didn’t really like my [tennis] coach at my old school, but I still wish that I’d kept playing.

Did people pressure you to quit or stick with it at all?

My [tennis] coach really pressured me to stick with it, and [so did] all the other people who I played the sport with, which I didn’t really appreciate because I just wanted to switch at the time.

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