Athlete of the Month: Devon Lis ’18

photo by Sofia Manekia

Devon Lis ’18 is taking her soccer skills to the Division 1 level next fall at Georgetown University.  But to get to this point, she needed the encouragement and motivation from her two biggest fans.

“Both of my parents were athletes in college and have always wanted me to play many sports. It all began with my dad coaching me. Both of my parents were athletes in college and have always wanted me to play many sports. I simply liked soccer and stuck with it,” said Lis.

Lis’ parents have been huge role models and have been instrumental in her soccer career. Whether it has been her father coaching her early on, or the traits and skills they have both taught their daughter, Lis feels that her parents have been critical to her growth as an athlete.

“I’ve been able to look up to them and learn about leadership and a leader’s mentality. They have shown me how to communicate and lead by my play or [through words] .”

Lis has taken home more than her fair share of accolades during her four-year varsity career. She was named first team all CVC, all-state honorable mention, and The Mercer 33, meaning she is one of the 33 best girls in the county. These awards are the fruits of her hard work and self-improvement.

“It’s hard for lots of athletes to be self-motivated and push themselves to do things outside their team. I feel as if my parents have driven me to [do]that and now I have been able to develop that skill,” Lis said.

Lis has a balance in her game, both taking a scoring load and creating scoring opportunities for others. She finished her high school career with 35 goals and 29 assists, leading the division in goals. She has also taken the honor of being named team captain, with the team becoming close with Lis at the helm.

“This year we had great team chemistry and I have had the chance to get close with the younger girls … which has been a lot of fun for me and the other girls that have been in the program for so long,” Lis said.

Although she does take her crucial role as team captain seriously, Lis is not all business. While some could get lost in the awards and the bright future, she focuses still on the small things that make sports so enjoyable. She remains a kid at heart, playing the game she loves and having fun.

“Before every game, we all get in a big circle, lock arms, and spit right in the middle. To some this may be disgusting, but to us, this is our unity and how much we care about what we are going to do.”

Lis’s interest went beyond athletics when she made her big choice in recruiting. She intends to keep living the life of a dedicated student athlete next fall at college

“It’s a great school and had everything I wanted. I think it will put me in good shape going forward. In addition to that, they also have a nationally-ranked [soccer] program and great coaches who have won coach-of-the-year awards.”

Next fall, Lis will turn over the page of PHS career and start a new chapter of her life. She has left a mark on her teammates and her coaches.

“I’m gonna miss her positivity and how she treated all of us as friends and not just teammates. She made me love the game even more,” Kirin Kunukkasseril ’20 said.

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