Fashion Reflection: Plain and simple

What we wear is a critical component of what defines us. The colors, the patterns, and even the textures are all important in forming this image of ourselves. The expression of our unique identities is especially important in this high school environment where many students simply conform to a daily schedule, go to the same classes everyday, and stick to a monotonous routine. This repetitive procedure can often make it hard for us to showcase our personalities and show our true selves. Fashion provides us with an outlet to break from this uniformity and express ourselves.

I personally like to use my choice of attire to reflect my identity and personality. For example, most of the time I just want to wear something nice and plain. I feel this way because I would describe my own identity as straightforward and simplistic, or in other words, boring. So, I’ll usually slap on a nice plain black t-shirt and a standard pair of jeans — or some other variation of plain clothes with minimal patterning. My choice in fashion is also adaptable to the situation. For example, when I golf, my choice of dress transforms to fit the environment. I’ll usually do this by opting for a polo, a standard in golf attire. Even when adapting to different situations, I still want the clothing to convey my identity. As a result, I predominantly choose to wear single-colored golf polos with a simple pair of khaki pants, consistent with my usual fashion choices.

At this moment, I like to think that my personality is minimalistic and uncomplicated, but this is always subject to change. In these incredibly developmental four years of high school, we are all bound to experiment and explore new interests. Thus, our personalities and identities also exist in flux. With this, our fashion will also evolve and show how we change throughout the years.

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