Fashion Reflection: In search of the perfect costume

Every year, the excitement of Halloween comes hand-in-hand with the demand of finding a unique costume. The pressure to do so in time can sometimes kill the festive spirit.

There is such a wide variety of Halloween costumes, eliciting all kinds of responses from viewers. All of these options make it hard to make a choice, but they also allow for more opportunities for self-expression and personalization.

Although Halloween costumes are meant to be dress-up and not reflective of reality, I think of them as more of an alter ego — a different version of myself. For example, one year when I was little, I dressed up as the sun for Halloween. I made the costume out of poster board, glitter, and paint, and it looked pretty good (if I do say so myself). Despite only wearing the outfit for one night, I felt that my costume said a lot about me; I felt that I was conveying the brighter, happier, and more creative side of myself. To avoid procrastinating and to emulate my younger, more thoughtful self, here are a few things I consider when finding a great Halloween costume.

First off, don’t feel limited to costumes that are just “for guys” or “for girls.” Most are heavily associated with a specific gender, and branching out of this costume binary can lead to some interesting new costumes. Also, be on the lookout for inspiration in your everyday life, as innovative costume ideas are becoming more popular through user-based websites like Pinterest. Have you ever had the urge to be a human-sized piece of sushi for Halloween? Look no further than the internet to get some pro tips and tricks to make that costume a reality! The homemade and do-it-yourself costumes that are promoted on websites allow for more customization and more unique costumes — the unconventionality leaves room for personal expression. Other possible sources for costume inspiration include TV and movies.

In the weeks approaching Halloween, I always imagine wearing an original show-stopping Halloween costume such as the sun. However, it is very hard to find this ideal costume, because I can rarely find one that perfectly fits my personality. When I was younger, I had plenty of brain space to devote to searching for costumes. Now, as a high schooler, there always seems to be more important things to do with my time.

My tendency these past years has been to procrastinate and put off the costume decision, resulting in my wearing something lame from the back of my closet. One year, I seriously considered just wearing a bunch of random old tie-dyed clothes, though in the end, I went with a haphazardly-constructed Mad Hatter costume that was almost completely unidentifiable. From my experience, I believe that many students at PHS face the same lack of brainstorming time leading up to Halloween.

With a myriad of diverse and interesting characters on screen, there are plenty of great costumes to choose from, even if you’re not able to dedicate months to preparation.

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