Athlete of the Month: Marqui McBride

photo by Aaron Wu

This fall, PHS football captain Marqui Mcbride ’18, took to the field for one last season with his high school team. McBride began playing the sport when he was five years old for local Pop Warner and flag football teams.

“It’s just been something I’ve been doing ever since I was a little kid. Playing football [is kind of] my thing,” McBride said.

Football was a significant part of McBride’s childhood, and his passion for the sport grew over time. He began to enjoy certain aspects of the game.  Playing middle linebacker and offensive line enables McBride to do what he loves most on the field.

“The contact and the physicality about it. Being able to hit someone is my favorite part about [playing football].”

“Marqui is one of our most physical players, if not our most physical player. He really creates a presence whenever [he] is on the field,” said wide receiver Stephen Hennessy ’19.

McBride’s contributions to the team have gone beyond his play on the field.  

“[Having a losing record] definitely affects how motivated we are,” McBride stated. “I’m not the best player on the team, but my skill is pushing people to be better in practice and on the field. After a tough loss everyone wants to improve, so we push each other a lot to prepare for the next game.”  

McBride’s leadership is recognized by Gallagher. “Marqui is one of our guys that has been playing a number of years at the varsity level. I think it comes real natural to [Marqui] to exhibit his leadership skills. He was unanimously picked to be a captain so [the] team really appreciates his leadership…“He gets people moving at practice, he gets things going as he knows that his teammates need the reps.”

Gallagher’s relationship with Marqui is based off of mutual respect. McBride recognizes his coaches’ influence and the commitment Gallagher has shown to make him the best player possible

“[My coaches] as well as Coach Gallagher have always been there. I’m lucky to always have had really good coaches throughout my years playing football doing [their] best to be there as a coach to push me to do better,” said McBride.

Having a winning record in 2015, the team has been on a decline ever since. The losing mindset however has not stopped McBride to continue to make plays.

“On the field, he is a guy that never hangs his head; obviously, we have gone through some struggles, but he is still nobody to ask to [come out] from the game.” said Gallagher.

McBride recalls his favorite PHS football moment from last year when he made his first and only interception of his career so far.

“He was just in the right place at the right time. [He has] a great nose for the ball,” recollected Coach Gallagher. It came in a game-thrilling contest a gainst Lawrence High School in the 2016 season. Interceptions and camaraderie have made McBride’s high school career a memorable one.

“The bond we all have together, we may not win a lot of games but, you know, we are all family, we all love each other,” Marqui said. With plans to play football in college, Marqui will leave PHS in the spring with a lasting impact, and more opportunities in his future.

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