Streaming Smörgåsbord

Like most teenagers now, I watch TV almost exclusively on streaming websites: Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. However, in the past few years, networks have started making all of their shows available for free on their websites (you have to watch some ads, but it might still be worth it). There’s something to be said about the suspense of waiting to see what happens on a show week to week, or being able to watch it before you’ve heard spoilers about it. Which is why I have started watching some new premiering shows as they come out, instead of the streaming sites I’ve become so comfortable with. Here are a few shows that are available for free on network’s websites:


  • The Mayor- The Mayor follows Courtney Rose, who runs for mayor of his town in order to gain publicity for his hip-hop music. However, when he unexpectedly wins the election, he must weigh his responsibility to the town and his dream of pursuing music. He also must come to terms with the hard reality that everything his campaign promised might be difficult to achieve. This comedy, which premiered on October 3 on ABC, is both hilarious and heartfelt, as it balances both Rose’s novel experience in government with his determination to do the best he can for his city.
  • The Good Doctor- Shaun Murphy is an autistic surgeon, and although he is an incredibly talented doctor, he has trouble connecting to those around him. This ABC drama follows his life as he moves from a small town to working at one of the biggest hospitals in the country. It premiered on September 25.
  • The Gifted- The Gifted follows the lives of a family, after the children realize they have developed mutant powers. In a world that is hostile to superpowers, the family becomes a part of an underground network of mutants, despite the fact that the father previously worked as a prosecutor working to imprison mutants. It premiered on October 2 on Fox, and is a must-see for those who are a fan of the X-Men movies or Marvel.


  1. The Orville- This comedy premiered September 10 on Fox, and it is perfect for Star Trek fans. It follows the adventures of Ed Mercer, an officer who gets the opportunity to pilot his own ship in the Federation, the organization in charge of deep-space travel. The show follows his and his crew’s comedic journey, as they face intergalactic problems.

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