Leah Williamson ’18: designing her future one pixel at a time

photo by Yingying Zhao

Leah Williamson ’18 is a student artist at PHS with a talent for graphic design. Within this media of art, Leah has been able to create her own graphic designs such as comics, which she plans on posting to her website. Leah plans to go to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia in order to pursue fields such as graphic art and animation.


How and why did you start to grow your interest in graphic design?

When I was younger I really liked to do comic design, so I would do little funny comics and I would draw them out. I would see [examples] online and I would be like ‘oh how do you do that?’ So I would try to look up ways to draw [the examples I found online] out, and I would try to find ways on how to actually implement [the techniques I saw] into my art. I find an interest in graphic design because that led me to pursue that career option.

Are you inspired by a certain person or thing when you design?

When I was six years old, I remember [my cousin] was working on this animation project for school, and he allowed me to finish the animation for him. I still explicitly remember that one little memory. When he did that for me, I think that [is] when the spark came that like I really wanted to do animation and graphic design.

How is graphic design different from other mediums of work?

It’s cyber-based. A lot of people say it’s like cheating in a way, but I don’t see it as that. I see it as like a whole new way of printing on canvas.


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