Volunteer groups: a chance to give back through your passions

graphic by Laura Bussemaker

Taking your passions and using them to give back to the community is the ultimate goal of a volunteer. Unfortunately, many high school students think it is hard to find volunteer options that involve their interests . Luckily, at PHS there are many diverse opportunities students can pursue to give back to their community while doing something they love. Here are a few volunteer groups that might be fit for you:

Princeton Young Achievers:

“Princeton Young Achievers is a great program where students in elementary school do art and science projects after school with different instructors. Sophomores can go to Creative Fridays [to] do really fun art projects with a bunch of different kids. I went with two good friends and it was great to build a relationship with students over time. It was wonderful to see the kids grow and become genuinely interested in the different projects throughout the year!”

Grayson Shanley-Barr ’18 Princeton Young Achievers Volunteer

PHS Music Mentoring:

“In music mentoring …  you tutor young kids, you teach them how to play their instrument, and you give them a place to practice. If [ students] can’t afford private lessons …  it gives them the opportunity to practice outside of school.”

Mason Cano ’19, Co-PHS Music Mentoring Leader

“It’s a great way for elementary school students to get involved in the music community and see what [is] lying ahead [for them] in high school. It’s also a really good way for the high school kids to reconnect with the elementary school and build bonds … It’s actually really helpful for the high school players to learn how to teach music at an elementary school level, and it’s a really great way to learn music and see it through other people’s eyes.  

May Kotsen ’19, Co-PHS Music Mentoring Leader

The program meets at JW from 3:00-4:00 p.m. once  a week.

Music Therapy:

graphic by Caroline Tan

“Music Therapy is a year-around, weekly volunteer program with the goal  [of helping] students with special education needs experience music in new ways by bringing instruments for them to listen, draw, and observe up close; musical terminology and basic rhythms are also taught. This experience is especially valuable to the sophomores because they are able to share their own knowledge and passion for music to a really different group of people their age. Most special needs kids are not able to participate in music programs at their school, and thus this program’s goal is to share the joy that music is capable of bringing, even if they cannot experience that through a formal class at school.”

Coco Mi ’18, Former Music Therapy Leader

Dance for Special Ed:

“Dance for Special Ed works on connecting kids in the special ED program … , with friends and role models in the high school, who they might not otherwise interact with, through dance, music, and games. The sophomores and other students who participate get to make new friends, and meet people that they wouldn’t see or know. They get to share their individual passions, which is one of the great things about the program. I started it for dance because I love dancing, but people who do this project with me sometimes want to sing or play music, and so it ends up just being a connection of different people bonding.”

Ines Aitsahalia ’18, Dance for Special ED Leader

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