Snow days and heat waves

Dear Tower Readers,
As March draws to a close, we prepare ourselves for the warmth of spring that brings us, degree by degree, to the freedom of summer. Yet, looking back on this winter, we have experienced 70 degree heat in February with a month of winter left, and our second (second!) snow day occurring in mid-March. While we can chalk up these abnormalities to chance, the mild winter and inconsistent weather is reminiscent of the effects of climate change.
You might be thinking to yourself that the issue of climate change is a broken record. However, this global dilemma is more relevant now than ever before. In Princeton alone, a third of the heat records in March have been set after 1990. Climate change is not some distant problem, far-off into the future.
The idea of doing one’s part to protect the future of our planet really should not be a political controversy. But, the new administration in power has put less of an emphasis on environmentally protective legislation than in the recent past. The truth is that elected officials in the United States government have the power to pass or veto laws that can help push the fight for the environment forward, but our president once said that global warming was a hoax created by the Chinese to stimulate the economy. Whether or not he wholeheartedly can put himself behind that claim, the statement is simply not true. Climate change is real and is happening right now. And it is science, not some made-up joke.
There are many things that we as citizens can do to help the environment in our community. Of course, recycling is now mainstream in almost all of the U.S.… We can use our cars less to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These practices have been reiterated for a long time now. But there is something more we as Americans can do to help the earth: talk.
With the congressional elections coming up in less than two years, we need to make climate change and the environment a bigger priority in modern politics. Climate change will only become exponentially more pressing as time goes by, and that calls for the extreme action of the American people as productive participants in our democratic system. As a major world power, the United States has incredible global influence. If we bring the environment to the forefront in national politics, other nations across the globe will follow. This will go extremely far in solving the problem of climate change.
So, as we enter the month of April and dive into the season of spring, let’s all push for meaningful changes that will bring us showers, not blizzards.

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