District implements new administrative changes

Annie Kosek promoted to District Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

photo by <span class="credit credit- "><a href="/credit/"Alice/" title="View all of this person's work">"Alice</a></span>  Annie Kosek aims to get involved in various topics of education such as homework load and rigorous courses

photo by Alice Hove
Annie Kosek aims to get involved in various topics of education such as homework load and rigorous courses

On March 16, the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education approved the appointment of Annie Kosek to fill the role of District Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

Kosek has served as the head of Littlebrook Elementary School for the past 14 years, and will continue as principal until the end of the school year. At Littlebrook, Kosek was able to connect with various PPS families and uphold district values, and she hopes to continue to do so in her new role.

“I’m proud to lead a school where … staff, students, and parents [can] create a healthy, productive, joyful place where the whole child is nurtured,” Kosek wrote in an email.

In addition to her experience at Littlebrook, Kosek has also served as a Language Arts supervisor and K-12 staff developer. She feels her experience from these two jobs has allowed her to understand the benefits and difficulties of teaching various groups of children at different stages of development. Furthermore, Kosek also feels her past jobs have emphasized how important it is to communicate clearly in the modern workplace and work with others in order to ensure grounded educational institutions for all students.

While Kosek appreciates the current stature of the district, she still sees some opportunities for growth. Specifically, Kosek hopes to focus on the way in which the district integrates learning across all disciplines for every grade level, by finding a balance between difficult classes and coursework that students will enjoy.

“We know that many students want to be able to take advantage of the high-level courses offered and take classes that interest them,” Kosek wrote. “That means maintaining a focus on providing opportunities to develop and appreciate a broad range of talents and passions.”

Moreover, Kosek is interested in improving the district’s current programs regarding service learning, social-emotional development integration, global education, project-based learning, and homework load. Kosek believes integrating such programs into the curriculum will encourage students to be more well-rounded and confident when they graduate.

“In all decision-making, we can’t lose sight of [the district’s] mission, which is to prepare all students to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate citizens of a global society.  High level performance is always enhanced when the student feels grounded, supported, valued, and confident.”


Supervisor of Guidance K-12, Angela Siso Stentz, appointed as Assistant Principal of PHS

photo by <span class="credit credit- "><a href="/credit/"Angel/" title="View all of this person's work">"Angel</a></span> Angela Siso Stentz, K-12 Supervisor of Guidance, hopes to assist students in achieving their goals.

photo by Angel Musyimi
Angela Siso Stentz, K-12 Supervisor of Guidance, hopes to assist students in achieving their goals.

At the Board meeting on March 28, Angela Siso Stentz was approved as Assistant Principal of PHS, after working in Guidance for the past 17 years.

Siso Stentz has served as a K-8 Supervisor of Guidance since July 1, 2008, and will begin her new role as Assistant Principal next year. However, she is extremely confident that her experience working in guidance and her history with the district and community have thoroughly prepared her for this upcoming change.

In her new role as Assistant Principal, Siso Stentz will continue to work with students on disciplinary issues or concerns, but it will now be a collaborative effort with counselors, parents, administration members, and teachers. She will continue to support students through academic and personal challenges while assisting them to reach their goals. This is a passion she will continue to have, as she believes her and her colleagues, their work as educators should always be student-focused.

“Our students come to us with many stories, backgrounds, experiences, and pursuits.  Every year, I think about how I can help students reach success given their circumstances,” Siso Stentz wrote. “This work is never complete or finite, in my opinion — I want to continue learning about resources and opportunities that can help our students, that can challenge them, and that can prepare them for their future goals … whatever that may be.”

Siso Stentz sees no time to waste, and has already begun planning goals for herself in her upcoming role. She will continue to be a part of conversations about new programming for PHS students, by tweaking what PHS already has to better meet its needs. In addition, she hopes to connect with students, so that she can be a resource of support for them at PHS. She also looks forward to participating in even more extracurricular and athletic events, and supporting students in their endeavors both in and out of school. Siso Stentz will be a continued support to teachers and staff in their work, and will work closely with administrative colleagues to meet goals throughout the year.  

“In a world that changes significantly each and every year, I hope that I never lose that passion to want to make a difference for our students, even if it’s a small gesture,” Siso Stentz wrote.

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