Amanda Bank ‘17 deep into her role as Ariel

Amanda Bank ’17 will perform as Ariel in the upcoming spring musical, The Little Mermaid. Amanda has participated in theatre since the fourth grade while also attending many summer intensive camps. Along with performing in plays, she is involved in the PHS Choir and is also the head of Spectacle Theatre, where she manages the performances and advertising. Amanda has planned to go to Tufts once she graduates from PHS and is also minoring in theatre.

During the musical, what do you think was the most difficult part of performing?

The most difficult part is definitely the preparation, and just making sure that not only you have to prepare what you need to do for the show, but also that everyone else is pulling their weight as well—to make sure that the show is as successful as it can be.

Since you’re in charge of the Spectacle Theatre and are also involved in acting, how do you feel about managing both positions?

It’s definitely stressful, and it can be a lot of work, because not only do I have to make sure I have my lines memorized and know all my blocking and choreography, but I have to make sure that the advertisements for the programs go out and the posters are ready and all that. It’s stressful but it also … feels really good at the end when it’s all said and done. I can see that I’ve put together an entire show and not just one aspect of it.

Are there ever any concerns you have while acting or singing?

There’s always the concern of forgetting your lines or getting sick, but you just have to trust that you’ve put in enough work and you take good enough care of yourself that everything will come together at the end.

What’s your favorite play?

Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Do you have any favorite soundtracks of musicals you listen to?

The Color Purple.

Do you have any advice to aspiring actors who wish to become better at acting?

You just have to really pursue it. There are so many opportunities—I know that it’s a lot of luck if you get cast, but it’s all about the work you put in and the willingness to just put yourself out there and try whatever roles or whatever intensives that you can get involved in.

As well as drama and music, do you have any other interests?

I’m really into yoga and health and wellness.

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