President Trump’s Economic Game

In the 2016 Presidential Election, the white working class was heard. Donald Trump is now the president of the United States, and with his election has come a new fiscal policy plan that will shape the future of America’s economy. In short: Donald Trump’s economic agenda will be disastrous.

Donald Trump has vowed to slash funding from welfare and crucial social safety net programs. These are the types of programs that provide poor families with a stable financial floor and allow them to put food on the table. With a loss in financial stability, thousands will face the stark reality of poverty and unemployment even more grimly than before. Less disposable income in the poor’s pockets will only slow economic growth as spending drops. Furthermore, the eradication of food stamps and other means-tested welfare programs will only exacerbate child hunger and poverty.

President’s Trump’s economic plans mirror the failures of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, when the problem of poverty only became further entrenched and racialized. Moreover, the President’s plans to deregulate the business environment will significantly curtail any progress made under the Obama administration, according to Business Insider.

Not only will business deregulation curb worker’s rights and expand corporate control over the American political and social sphere, but it will also devastate the environment. For instance, President Trump’s course of action calls for the elimination of the Clean Power Plan in the hope that reducing the input cost of industries will allow for greater efficiency in the production process. But this would only turn a blind eye to the adverse effects of unregulated industrial activity on the stability of the climate.

As the world temperature nears its global tipping point, conserving energy and acting sustainably will matter more than ever in the coming years. With limited regulation to stop businesses from exploiting the most egregious externalities, business production will skyrocket, and along with it the expulsion of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is evident that Trump’s policies are going to have adverse impacts, both fiscally and environmentally. But what can be done with this knowledge? We are the ones who have elected this man to be our President. By engaging in these public discussions, the people will have an enormous capacity to influence the government to change. As people start to realize the President’s disastrous economic ways, even the white working class won’t be able to justify his actions as the effects of his policies will fall squarely on them. In this way, Donald Trump’s bad policies can be a rallying tool to garner the support necessary to resist. If Donald Trump expects to continue with his perverse economic plan, he will have to get through the opposition first.

And that, Mr. President, is what democracy looks like.

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