Dear Tower Readers,

In sync with one of the most widely-covered presidential and congressional transfers of power, The Tower has seen a comprehensive change in leadership of our own, with all but two editors new to this big team.

Before we joined the Tower freshman year, putting together a newspaper looked a lot easier than it really is. We know now that we can not simply hash out the articles, scribble out graphics, and then send them to the printing presses. Beyond coming up with creative article ideas through an intense approval process, we must scout out writers, send out assignments, and assist each writer through a two draft process. Then, our copy editors go through what feels like thousands of drafts, carefully combing through articles to make them the best they can be in the given time. Lastly, there is production. Three days each month, all of the Tower editors work from 3 to 9 pm, tirelessly perfecting page after page in a race against the clock.

It’s not all work though; there are plenty of things that make Tower one of the most enjoyable parts of our high school experience. There were the joys of spending Valentine’s Day together at school last week, trying to hunt down our dinners, and giving ominous presentations on “Tower Tax” that left everyone (ourselves included) doubled over with laughter. We’re looking forward to many more great times together throughout the year!

On par with the increasing prevalence of digital journalism and social media platforms, we hope to expand our online presence and include more interactive features in the 2017 year to make this publication more widely accessible. We will continue to cover sensitive issues that are relevant to the student body, and we always welcome topic suggestions from you. In addition to content based goals, we are looking to improve the visual quality of the paper and experimenting with creative layouts to make it more appealing to your eyes.

Our commitment to you is to present a high quality product with interesting, thought-provoking content for you to enjoy every month. We are all incredibly honored and excited to embrace our new positions for a great year. With such accomplished past editors and a long history to live up to, we hope to fulfill the remarkable legacy that has been passed into our hands. As part of this nearly century-old publication, we are grateful for the broad readership we have at PHS, as well as the quantity and quality of PHS students’ work that provides such vitality to the writing of The Tower.

In that vein, we are always looking for new members on this team! Please feel free to contact the Senior Editors at [email protected] if you are interested in writing, contributing visuals to the Tower, working with code–or anything else! The Tower is always looking for talent to integrate into our family.


Thank you,

2017 Tower Senior Editors

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