America Under a Trump Presidency

The sun is shining on a bright new day in America, and our nation awaits to see what exciting new policies will roll out of the White House. The day he was sworn in, he ripped up Obamacare as promised—literally, he ripped up the bill, unaware that it takes a law from Congress to repeal one. It has been interesting to watch his struggle with Congress, even though the Capitol is under Republican control. I thought it was only Democrats who had trouble working with Congress. Congressional leaders protested when he removed the United States from its trade agreements. They didn’t even pass his tax plan. They are the reason for the trouble we’re in. He says the recession is only temporary and will make us even greater. He was a very successful businessman, so I’m sure he still knows what he’s doing. It has been confusing to see that the richest are able to keep up with the major price increases on imported goods, while the average citizens—the people like me who elected him—are forced to go without.

We are doing much better on the foreign front. ISIS? About two weeks ago we nuked Syria. It came as a bit of a surprise to most Americans, but as President Trump always said, “I like to be unpredictable.” Because of the decrease in trade, we barely even notice the countries boycotting us. The European Union, Mexico—their leaders are all just weak. Putin, on the other hand, he and the president are now golfing buddies.

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graphic by Caroline Tan

Trump, overriding protest from the idiot generals and clueless analysts, signed a historic and amazing agreement to allow the Russians complete control over our cyber-intelligence. They really know what they are doing. Hopefully that can make up for the decrease in cooperation with Muslim neighborhoods and increase in home-grown radical Islamic terrorism. I am also confused, as it seems saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism” has not solved the problem, nor has suspending immigration from countries compromised by terrorism, which now includes all of Europe and Africa.

As far as immigration, illegal immigrants left, as did the legal ones. Mexico did indeed build the wall, just on their side of the border. They allow anyone through, granting them refugee status, but need to control the massive flow. Rumor has it that’s how Melania left. After, of course, Donald traded her for a woman half her age. I was sad to see Melania go, but a man has a right to choose.

These last four years have those of prosperity, defined by reclamation of American greatness we did not think possible. Trump was elected to ‘fix’ the broken systems in Washington, and fix them he did. After eight years of empty leadership, our country is finally on the right track. This “movement”, as our supreme leader calls it, has demonstrated that when millions of Americans rise up and demand to be heard, anything is possible; even making America great again.

This is not what our future has to look like. It is easy to look upon Trump now, before election day, and not take him seriously. Don’t. The hostility toward the elite may not have been created by Trump, but the distrust has been exacerbated by his campaign. It is looking down on the type of working-class Trump supporters that justifies their sense of disdain. America deserves better than Trump, and America is better than Trump.

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