PHS Orchestra revisits and revives music of The Little Prince

The Princeton High School Orchestra has performed many concerts around the world. They have been traveling and performing for over a decade, and will be performing their latest piece, The Little Prince, on Friday, October 28 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the PAC. The Little Prince is a French allegorical novella about a young boy and his adventures in outer space, where he encounters an eccentric variety of other characters.

The choice of putting on The Little Prince this year was not a novel one, as the orchestra performed it nine years ago.

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photo by Annie Gao

There will be different music, obviously [a] different cast for sure, and we found it worked then, so we thought we would bring it back to life,” said Robert Loughran, PHS’s orchestra teacher.

There are two main roles in the production, with many more spotlight roles. The two featured roles are the little prince, portrayed by Sam Weinglass ’17, and the narrator/pilot.

The orchestra members are looking forward to the display as well.

“This year it’s different, because it’s just PHS Orchestra … The speakers are all in PHS Orchestra and they’re all seniors … it’s not really singing; it’s storytelling,” says Coco Mi ’18, a violinist who has been in PHS Orchestra for three years. “It’s not a musical or operetta like previous years.”

All the seniors had the opportunity to sign up for a speaking part. They wrote their names on a signup sheet, and the Mr. Loughran chose parts at random. The members have dedicated most of their time in class to preparation for the performance since the beginning of the year.

“It’s basically all we are focusing on,” said Ares Alivisatos ’17, a clarinet player portraying two spotlight roles in the performance.

However, this show is not one piece, or even a collection of pieces by the same composer, but actually a variety of songs by different composers, all put together by Loughran.

photo by <span class="credit credit- "><a href="/credit/"Annie/" title="View all of this person's work">"Annie</a></span>

photo by Annie Gao

“With The Little Prince and the emotions in each chapter, Mr. Loughran picked different pieces of music that would echo the emotions, but through the music instead of the words,” said Eliz Dikener ’18, another third-year violinist in PHS Orchestra.

For Weinglass, The Little Prince is not just a performance; it’s a connection to his childhood.

“As a kid, I was definitely like the little prince. I was, and still am, the kid who always asks the teacher ‘why,’ so I can relate to the little prince on a curiosity level,” Weinglass said.

However, many of the orchestra members, as well as Mr. Loughran, have expressed that one of the best parts of the performance is that it benefits UNICEF.

“UNICEF is a organization for children all around the world, and this is a great show to be supported by UNICEF, for children,” Loughran said. He encourages as many people as possible to come to the show.

“It’s a beautiful and impactful book—the music is great, and the atmosphere will just be perfect,” Alivisatos said.

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