PHS Bucket List


Homecoming at PHS is a relatively recent development, but it’s a great way to immerse yourself in one of the various aspects of the PHS community. You can watch the football team play under the lights on Friday nigh. And then Saturday morning cheer on other sport teams also play big home and away games. The festivities wrap up with a StuCo and PTO-organized homecoming dance on Saturday night, where you can dance the night away with your friends.


Winter Concert

The only concert with all the orchestras and choirs together, the PHS Winter Concert is a night of beautiful music at the University Chapel. The orchestra features senior soloists who have been preparing their concertos for months, and the choir showcases the alumni sing. Put aside some of your work that night and watch your fellow students make melodious music to the backdrop of a historical chapel that features mesmerizing stained glass windows that are sure to set you in the holiday spirit.



PHS’s all-male beauty pageant brings lots of laughs every year—even if you don’t know all the contestants! Ten representatives chosen from PHS’s various clubs dance, show off their various talents, and go through an intense round of Q&A from a panel of faculty judges to ultimately win a $100 check for their club and the title of “Mr. Cutie Bootie.” Ticket proceeds go to StuCo so make sure to go to this night of talent and laughter.


Different Classes

One of the greatest facets of PHS is the sheer number of classes offered, especially as electives. With so many choices available, it can be easy to stay on a comfortable path and take classes you are sure to enjoy, but—at least once—you should try and take a class that is completely new to you. For example: Have two left feet? Take Dance. Can’t draw a stick figure for your life? Take art. If you learn nothing else, at least you’ll come away with the ability to handle a new experience.


Connect to Teachers

It’s going to be incredibly easy to simply coast through the school day by just doing what you have to do in class and scraping by with minimal participation and interaction with your teachers. But your entire high school experience can be heightened by seeking teachers’ advice outside of class and getting advice from them. Whether they serve as a guide through all of your high school experience or just as a friendly face in the hallways, a closer relationship can prove to be invaluable.

Away Games

Whether or not sports are your thing, attending a big game on a rival’s home turf is a feeling that can’t compare to much else at PHS. Especially during the county tournament or a regular season game against a local rival, the traveling supporters can get particularly rambunctious. When all of the students congregate in a remote corner of the stands—chanting, cheering, and even some taunting—you won’t be sure if you came for the game or just the experience of watching it with fifty other bellowing students.

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