Visual Artist Amy Lin ’17 Creates Art for College and Creativity


photo by Alexander de Gogorza Moravcsik

Amy Lin ’17 is a visual artist who focuses on craftwork. Since age ten, she has been self-motivating, working on her art as a fun hobby and as a way of relieving the immense stress of school and extracurriculars. Although she plans on going into medical science, she is dedicated to her art and uses it as a creative outlet and as method of boosting creative problem solving.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 17 and a senior at Princeton High School. I’m an artist, and I do all types of art, although I mostly tend to focus on craft, like crocheting and origami … I [also] do some painting and sketching, which I have to use for my college portfolio.

When and how did you start [doing] art?

Well, I’ve always just done art on my own, but … at bookstores I would always go to the art section and look for kits for various different types of art, and then I started going to formal art classes when I was ten. I took classes at Sharron Art Center.

Do you focus on a specific medium or do you like to vary your art forms?

I tend to just do art when I get bored. I just go from one thing to another, so sometimes I do crocheting … and then if I get bored with crocheting I go to origami, and if I get bored with that I go on to painting or drawing. It really just depends on my mood … However, I do tend to focus on 3D and craft as opposed to fine arts.

Does spending time with visual art conflict with academics or college applications at all?

Well, I’m using an art portfolio for various colleges that I’m applying to, so it doesn’t conflict that much … although I used to do things like crochet or origami during class, so I guess in that way it did. I did it during classes, and teachers didn’t like it.

Do you have a favorite piece of art (in any medium)?

Not really, but I do like to focus on modern art, because I like it when [artists] try to take abstract ideas and put them onto canvas or make them. I don’t know that many artists, but I follow a lot of people on Instagram that experiment with various things. I look up stuff like polymer clay and crochet and sometimes paintings to see what people come up with.

Does art help you relieve stress or express pent-up emotion at all?

Yeah … It helps to distract me a lot from schoolwork, which is good for procrastination, but not great if you are trying to study. It does help relieve the stress of college apps and all the work from school and extracurricular activities like Science Olympiad.

Are you planning on pursuing a career in art?

No. I’m actually going into medicine. Submitting a portfolio is like a supplement to the usual application process. But if you look at the portfolio, you can actually see a lot of anatomy-related pieces, so science definitely influences my art.

Overall, how has art influenced your life?

I feel like it makes me think more creatively. It’s helpful with creative problem solving, and it helps with organization sometimes, because in some parts of art you have to organize which parts/elements are in front, which parts you pull out, and which you put in detail. For me, that helps with things like note-taking, because it helps me decide which parts of my notes are more important to focus on and which are not.

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