Reflection: Health Class

Considering that we live in a world where health tips are readily accessible online and questions about sexual health can be thoughtfully answered in a Buzzfeed article, the school’s ill-prepared attempt at health class is embarrassing. The entire course could be compared to the health class in Mean Girls. We read a lot about what to do and what not to do, but we never learn hows or whys.

My entire experience in health class so far, starting from my freshman year, I view as a waste of time. It is rather disappointing that the few weeks I spend in a health classroom involve jumping around from chapter to chapter in the textbook, doing busy work, and being graded on tests that give  declarative answers to subjective questions.

The importance of a health class is evident. If taught properly, students will definitely benefit from the course. The problem with our current health course is that we are taught information from an outdated textbook so students tend to ignore what is “taught” and instead treat health class as a study hall period. If teachers would take more time to plan out a lesson plan with activities like group discussions and debates, students would have no choice but to partake in the class.

At PHS, health class has sadly lost its effectiveness. Give us new information, give us whys and hows, and teach us something new we didn’t already know because of Buzzfeed. The health curriculum must be changed to become more relevant and engaging.

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