Athlete of the Month: Isabelle Sohn

photo: Ashley Dart

photo: Ashley Dart

Isabelle Sohn ’16, a forward, is known by everyone on the Princeton High School girls ice hockey team as the friendliest and happiest member. “She is loved by everyone on the team, and I can always look [forward] to having her smiling face around,” said Alexa Zammit ’18. She is also known to be encouraging, supportive, and uplifting during games. Her amiable character resulted in her winning the Harry Rulon-Miller Sportsmanship Award —an award given to the player from all participating teams in the Women’s Interscholastic Hockey-League in the Mid-Atlantic deemed to have the best attitude during games.

Sohn first became interested in ice hockey because her older sister, Kate Sohn ’14, used to play the sport. “[My sister] did ice hockey in her freshman year and I do a lot of the things she does. She was what really pushed me to hockey,” Sohn said.

Additionally, being on the ice is a liberating experience for Sohn. “It is really fun to create stuff on the ice, to make passes and score goals. It is a great experience for me … [when] I am on the ice, and I enjoy every single time,” she said.

Sohn dedicated herself to the sport and has been on the team for all four years of her high school career, and plans to continue playing recreationally in college. “I think it would be a truly incredible experience to play in a club … It’s such a fun sport. I feel like it would be really enjoyable to keep playing it,” Sohn said.

The ice hockey team respects Sohn not only for her dedication, but also for her ability to bounce back from adversity. Sohn recently sustained a concussion that forced her to sit out for a large part of the season. “I got the concussion in the last five minutes of the third period of the first game of the season … It was kind of disappointing and I felt like I let down my team, but now I’m back and we have had an okay performance so far,” Sohn said.

Sohn’s positivity comes from never allowing recent setbacks to put her off her game. “While we haven’t much success on the score sheet, the team is still really great and we have really come together,” she said.

Assistant Coach Dominic Capuano has high hopes for Sohn’s future. “I’m sure she will fit in well and be successful both on and off the rink,” Capuano said. “She works hard and makes an effort to put others at ease.”

Sohn is confident that the team will remember her for her joy in playing the sport. “I really do love the team and all the girls, and of course I love hockey, so I hope my enthusiasm and optimism about it will be remembered.”

As a departing senior, Sohn leaves some words of wisdom for next year’s new members of the team: “Just remember to have fun. Keep in mind that ice hockey is just a sport and it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Even though it’s a tough sport, don’t forget to have fun even when you’re working hard!”

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