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As PHS students rang in the new year, the Tower also welcomed a new editorial staff, as well as a new set of senior editors. The three of us joined the Tower during freshman year, still sporting our copies of The Odyssey and almost too nervous to talk to the towering figures of Tower 2013. Over the course of the next two and a half years and the three unique sets of editors, we watched the Tower evolve and grow, weathering changes from a redesign of fonts and end boxes to the introduction of the newspaper’s website, www.thetowerphs.com.

As the Tower has changed, we have also grown along with it. Not only have our many hours of writing, editing, and planning as contributors, staff, and section editors taught us the difference between an en and an em dash and how to write an article in less than an hour, but we’ve been able to create friendships and profound insights about responsibility and collaboration.

Reflecting upon our experience so far as we begin a new chapter in our Tower careers, we have come to understand what an immense honor it is to now lead it. We are blessed with a dedicated staff and engaged contributors, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the year to come. In light of the legacy past years have left us, we hope to preserve what makes the Tower so special to the PHS community—while trying to improve and innovate where we can. And thanks to your generous donations, the Tower once again finds itself in a stable financial position.

As such, we are excited to introduce several changes this year. Building upon the success of the Tower site, we hope to expand the paper’s online presence by posting online more frequently and sharing these articles on Facebook, expanding our social media presence to reach a greater number of people. These articles will appear exclusively on the Internet and will allow us to cover a broader range of issues, incorporate more writers and artists, and above all, be more prompt in our coverage of school events and athletic events.

In our pursuit of more expansive coverage, we will also work to further diversify the perspective and content of our paper. The PHS student body tends to lean to the left of the political spectrum—but we will strive to include a variety of opinions and articles that will best represent and celebrate the diversity of our school community in everything from political viewpoints and cultural heritage to extracurricular activities and personal interests.

Beginning with this issue, we are initiating a close collaboration with other high school campus’ newspapers—specifically, a Cross Campus column written by editors from the Tower and the Lawrence, The Lawrenceville School’s weekly student newspaper. Appearing every month in the News & Features section, the column seeks to capitalize on the opportunity of working and sharing ideas with other esteemed high school newspapers in the local area,  as well as expanding the audience for PHS student voices and ideas. As we strive to maintain high standards of journalistic excellence this year, we hope to fulfill our mission of sincerely and wholeheartedly serving the student body and its voices.

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