Reflection on Art: Ashley Muflam

From photography to Jazz Ensemble to Drama, Princeton High offers an array of arts classes. Given this variety of opportunities, I think that PHS puts a good amount of focus on the arts. Our programs show that we are very open to creativity, which is proven by the fact that the school showcases student artwork. Displaying and performing student-made art exposes other students to different forms of creativity and the talent within the school that would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, the drawings and paintings along the walls help beautify the school; the band and orchestra bring recognition to genres of music that aren’t very popular in our generation; the theater program performs different types of plays with a twist, keeping viewers interested and on their toes. Furthermore, even though not everyone is interested in the arts, I think that art encourages people to discover their own hidden talents and express themselves in new ways, even those students who otherwise wouldn’t because of a lack of confidence. It is a cliché thing to say, but there is a lot of truth in it—I’ve experienced it myself. I was in the Freshman Women’s Choir. The choir didn’t require students to audition and I had a mediocre voice, so I took the opportunity and signed up immediately. I was introduced to the choir program through my sister. She had taken choir here, and whenever I went to one of her concerts I was always mesmerized by the sound of the group. Being an audience member introduced me to something I hadn’t given a lot of thought to before and inspired me to join. Another big reason behind my decision was our school’s graduation requirements. If taking a performing or visual arts class wasn’t mandatory, then I don’t think I would have pushed myself to take the class. Even though I loved singing, I hated my voice. Participating in the choir ended up being one of the highlights of my year because of everything I learned. Our teachers constantly challenged us, strengthening our voices and introducing us to art history. We’d practice solos, further our vocal range, learn about various time periods, do a lot of student-led group work, and even sing in small groups with Mr. Metallo and Mrs. Pelletier. All of this made me a much better singer, evidence of the strong influence of the arts program at PHS.

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