New Years Resolution: Go Vegetarian

“Bang.” My refrigerator door closed with a loud thump. Five minutes earlier I had finished my last cheeseburger ever; and honestly, I was uncertain about the road that lay ahead. January 1, becoming a vegetarian had seemed easy. In fact, 2015 sounded like it would be the year I would finally stick to a New Year’s resolution. However, that day standing in my kitchen, I wasn’t sure.

Five months later, and believe it or not I am still 100 percent cheeseburger-free. While there have been challenges in my conversion to vegetarianism, each obstacle has been met by the strong ethical and philosophical reasoning behind my choice. Perhaps the failure of my previous New Year’s resolutions can be explained by their lack of a moral ground.

Now that I have learned how easy a resolution is to uphold if done for truly important reasons, I’ve been inspired to create a new resolution. Veganism was always an idea I found intimidating. Yet, in philosophy, we studied Plato’s allegory of the cave—once someone has been given knowledge of the world he or she would not wish away the knowledge. Vegetarianism was my way of stepping out of the cave, and leaving traditional concepts of nutrition behind.

Personally, I can’t imagine going back to my lifestyle, after being enlightened by the  documentaries “Food, Inc.” and “Live and Let Live.” Six months ago, I never would have imagined myself contemplating veganism as a 2016 resolution—I’ve come a long way. So, advice to anyone eager to hop on the resolution bandwagon—choose a change that is both measurable and meaningful, (maybe consider going vegetarian/vegan!!). Your future self and the planet will thank you for it.

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