Julie Clement ’16 creates multimedia art inspired by animals

Julie Clement ’16 is a multimedia artist who focuses mainly on drawings and sculptures that depict animals and wildlife. She entered the Princeton Public Schools district in the second grade after moving to America from France. She has taken Studio Art 3D levels I through III at PHS, and she has created two murals in the school—one located in the 150s hall and one outside the New Gym. She now runs a small business on Instagram (@fullmoonwanderer) to sell her art. She hopes to be able to attend Comic-Con next year and have her own booth.

How long have you been doing art? What made you want to pursue it in the first place?

I’ve been doing art ever since I was a kid. My mom, my grandpa, and my sister were all really into art, and I think that’s part of it that really influenced me into starting up in the art business career.

What do you draw inspiration from?

I do a lot of wildlife and animals; that’s generally been my main interest more than people or objects. I like the ability you have to express emotion and expression in different wildlife.

What is usually the process for how you create a piece of art?

First, I decide what I want to do, what kind of emotion I want to put into the piece, what kind of media I want to create. And then what you have to do, for me at least, is … start building out the base blocks, the different shapes I see in the creature the thing I’m creating, and then I add details from there on.

How has art shaped or affected your life?

Art’s been my way of expressing myself and making friends all around school. When you’re a shy kid, when you’re young, it’s easy to kind of start up a conversation when you’re working on something and people come over. So, [it’s] kind of a way to meet and befriend new people and also just express how I’m feeling.

Is there something you want to communicate or show through your art?

[There’s] not really anything … deep or anything …  If you try hard enough, you can kind of accomplish anything … There’s a lot of beauty in places and subjects that you wouldn’t expect.

What are your plans for continuing art in the future?

I’m hoping to become a freelance artist, hoping to get a lot of recognition, also hoping if possible to work for some big industries like Pixar, or creating creature concept designs for different fiction movies.

What is the best thing about creating visual art for you?

I think just sharing it with other people, you know, seeing their reactions and being proud of what you’re able to create on your own.

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