Arts & Entertainment’s Top 5 Animals

5. Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears live mostly in the North American region and live off of anything from berries to fungi to salmon jumping out of the water. These furry, ferocious friends also inspired Theodore Roosevelt to create the teddy bear. Thanks, grizzly bears.

4. Housecats

Now housecats may seem very underwhelming, but that is because they are. However, housecats’ extremely limited skill set is what makes them so entertaining. Their apathy, naivete, and sloth toward humans make for great Internet videos.

3. Pigs

Although the pig may seem overrated, it is far more than a good source of protein. Ranked as the fourth smartest animal, pigs can recognize patterns and names. Pigs can also squeal at 115 decibels, which is louder than a jet engine, so do not upset a pig.

2. African Elephants

These gentle giants can grow up to 11 feet tall and weigh up to 12,000 pounds when fully grown. Although inherently peaceful, African elephants are widely hunted for their ivory tusks. If you want to make a difference against elephant poaching, you can join the PHS Save The Elephants club, which meets every Wednesday at break in room 282.

1. Sea Otters

Once hunted for their luxuriously soft pelts, sea otters have the most densely packed hair of any animal. Also, if you remove enough of these cuties from their coastline environments, sea urchins, one of sea otters’ main sources of food, can overgrow and ruin seaweed forests. Sea otters are awesome.

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