Tigers of PHS

They never thought it would become this big.

Graphic: Annie Kim

Tigers of PHS, a Facebook page that features pictures and quotes of students, has gained over 800 likes since its inception in September. The page, featuring pictures of PHS students coupled with quotes, is modeled after the hit blog “Humans of New York” and has gained momentum over the course of the school year. Its four administrators, Annie Gao ’17, Amy Wang ’18, Abigail Emison ’17, and Connie Xu ’18, have separate roles and titles by which they operate the page. Gao and Wang take the photos, while Emison and Xu are in charge of reaching its participants and maintaining the Facebook page, respectively.

In founding the page, the group drew its main source of inspiration from HONY, according to Xu. While HONY features spontaneous quotes from its subjects, Tigers often lets the interviewees first have his or her picture taken and then write the quote up and send it to one of the administrators.

The first step of the process—choosing who to feature—involves either messaging a list of students compiled by Emison, the outreach manager for the page, or students’ coming to the page requesting an interview. Either way, the page wants to represent a variety of viewpoints and choose people from different backgrounds, according to Emison. She then establishes communication with the student, usually via Facebook, in order to set up the process of acquiring a photo and quote.

The photographers, Gao and Wang, meet the student as scheduled, take pictures, and receive a quote either on the spot or, usually, by message after the picture has been taken. Then, both the picture and quote are uploaded onto the Facebook page. The process is often quite memorable for the group members as well. “I even got out of Peer Group for a while for doing that and it was a lot of fun,” Xu said. “We got to take pictures on Goldie’s golf cart.”

As for the future, Tigers of PHS looks to keep growing. On Facebook, both Xu and Emison aim to obtain 1,000 likes, a goal they are approaching with the 839 current likes. Yet all of this, they hope, is for a good cause. “[The page aims] to show that PHS is a school of diversity, that there are people with profound personalities who we should meet,” Xu said. “This is a way to bring the school more together.”

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