Six-word memoirs

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

This famous sentence by Ernest Hemingway is considered a leading example of “flash fiction,” giving readers a quick glimpse into a story chock-full of emotion and captured in a mere six words. It’s an impressive feat, but more importantly, this “six-word memoir” proves just how powerful every word can be when used to describe one’s life. Though our lives and experiences may oftentimes seem too complex, disorganized, or detailed to be cramped into so few words, Hemingway has demonstrated that language is powerful enough to fully encompass anyone’s story, even in a concise manner.

In light of upcoming graduation, here are some glimpses into the lives of several of PHS’s own seniors. As they move on from PHS, they leave behind succinct yet meaningful descriptions of their experiences from the past four years.


Tommy Ie: “Eat, sing, ball. Tones for life.”


Alizeh Shamshad: “PHS learned me how to live.”


Kenny Xu: “Many no’s for every sweet yes.”


Daniel Byun: “Jumping. Eating sand. My shins hurt.”


Noa Attali: “Only little stories to speak of.”


Sammy Prentice: “Sophomore year: bad. Junior: even worse.”


Talya Shatzky: “I stopped doing homework weeks ago.”


Akshay Sudhakar: “It’s the greatest story never told.”

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