It’s Your Choice

Although Princeton High School certainly isn’t as bad as other schools in terms of drug use, the problem definitely exists if one looks past the superficial gloss of the seemingly perfect, Ivy League town high school. One thing that PHS does lack is the peer pressure to drink or get high every weekend, and this is what differentiates our school from so many others. At some parties, of course, there are people who decide to use drugs, but there are others who choose to remain sober and above the influence. I am friends with many people who do smoke or drink regularly, and that does not affect my relationship with them inside or outside of school. Every person has to decide for themselves whether or not they are willing to subject their bodies to drugs that could have potentially harmful effects later in life. For example, a recent study correlated adolescent marijuana use to poor memory retention. In addition, some alternative drugs like ecstasy and LSD may be laced with other substances that can be incredibly harmful. Because of this, I have made the decision not to risk later consequences in my life because of drug use in high school. Also, members of my family have suffered from alcoholism and addiction. As there is a strong genetic component to these illnesses, I do not want to sacrifice my well-being and future for a momentary high or buzz that can turn into a habit or a dependence. However, every person is different, so it is not my place to judge or criticize others for their choices.

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