Athlete of the month: Maxwell Tarter

Although golf was not always a focus for Maxwell Tarter ’15, it has become a very big part of his life. He started golf at the age of seven, and has been playing ever since. He is now beginning his third and final season playing on the Princeton High School golf team.

Tarter always enjoyed playing with his brother and father at the club to which his family belongs, Cherry Valley Country Club, but was nervous about joining the high school team. “When I started playing for the school team, I was scared,” he said. “But I soon realized that we had the best coach in the world and that there was no reason to be scared.”

Before Tarter started playing for the Princeton High School team, he was focused on basketball. “I am super happy that I play golf. It is PHS’s hidden secret [and the] best sport it offers,” he said.

Max Tarter '15  Photo: Nathan Drezner

Max well Tarter ’15
Photo: Nathan Drezner

Head Coach Sheryl Severance has helped Tarter improve throughout his three seasons playing for Princeton, and Tarter is interested to see how his final season will go, as he will be applying everything he has learned from her over their time working together. “Max has certainly matured over the years. He is now comfortable taking on the role of team leader and motivator,” Severance said.

As co-captain, Tarter wants to help achieve the team’s goal of maintaining its streak of winning campaigns. “I really just want to help the team meet our goal of having a winning season, and to continue the great streak of no losing seasons our coach has kept since the 1990s,” he said.

“Max has steadily improved to being a regular starter. His maturity certainly plays a big part in his game improving. I believe Max will be an important factor in the level of success of the 2015 varsity golf season,” Severance said.

Tarter hopes that this season will be successful under his leadership. “I think the team will do pretty well this year. We have some great up-and-coming sophomores and freshmen,” he said. He hopes to act as a mentor for underclassmen in addition to working to strengthen his own skills.

“Making varsity my first year was pretty fun, but the greatest moments are probably the moments on the bus with the team,” Tarter said. “My greatest moment, I guess, was joining the golf team as a whole.”

Tarter values the team’s close-knit dynamic and accredits the unity as a major factor in his overall performance. “I guess all I can really say about golf is that even though we keep personal scores, I could not play one hole without my team,” Tarter said.

What would you do with $1 million?
I’d buy a really big boat and name it ‘The Chosen One.’

What is your spirit animal?
People tell me that my spirit animal is a naked mole rat.

What is your favorite kind of cheese?
I have this bag of cheese that I put on my chicken nuggets called Six Cheese Italian. It melts really nice, it’s pretty good.

What were you in your past life?
In my past life I was one of those sand crabs that just dives into the sand and lets the waves hit them.

What is your biggest fear?
My brother in the summertime because he never showers.

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