Reflections on Race: Tatianna Sims

When we hear the word race

Are our minds polluted by a vision of a black face?

My textbook covers the “issues”

But never addresses the slave mentality still left in the dark tissues

We are all envious of what we can’t have

But I can’t help but feel sad

When my own people get mad

That I define myself as a black female

Let Egypt hail

The black Cleopatra queen

Yet when I saw Elizabeth Taylor play her on TV,

I couldn’t help but wonder if history could mislead.

Light skin versus dark skin seems to be the reason our race will not unite

Why we fight

Why we misbehave

Why our school cancelled that trip to go see 12 Years A Slave

Why others think we are savages to one another due to how many lives we lost in the heat of the night.

Should we be respected when we are endangering our own race?

Should we mourn an innocent life when that life will simply become another forgotten court case?

And the efforts to protest will only be met with legislation that never takes place

All these stereotypes hover

Either ghetto or hiding under a white skin cover

Women as baby mammas wearing 32-inch weaves

Men only care about girls, money, selling drugs, and smoking trees

But I refuse to be a stereotype

I refuse to be a statistic

I refuse to fall victim to a system that preprogrammed me to live like this

I deserve the recognition I receive not because of the color stained under my sleeve

But for the intelligence I constantly feed

I can’t cover up my skin

I won’t change who I am to make you comfortable within

And for all those who dare to think I’m just another black woman

I am a phenomenal woman, that’s me

Who deserves to live a life fit for a queen.


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