PHS letter days changed to PHS number days

Last week, the administration announced that, as the PHS letter day system has been deemed unnecessarily confusing to students, a new system will be implemented based on Roman numerals and the Mayan calendar. Under this new numerical system, each school day will be assigned a number based on the cycle of the moon.

Classes that take place in even-numbered classrooms will have lab days during a waxing moon, as those days have prime number Roman numerals, while classes in odd-numbered classrooms will have lab days during waning moons, as those days will be numerals that rhyme with “lunar.” Classes that have labs in different rooms will use the number of their normal classroom when the sky is overcast, but the number of their lab classroom otherwise. Several exceptions exist: on the first full moon of the quarter, on recognized American holidays, and when Studio Band is on the moon.

Students have been instructed that this new system will take effect on the last Friday of the next month that has a fire drill on an E day, but only if the Tower gets a happy day that week and the Mayans have renewed their calendar.

Like the newly-updated Facebook page, “PHS Days (LXIX–∞),” for reminders.

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