Green stripe: Gary Snyder’s latest addition to the PHS aesthetic

The beginnings of a green stripe in the 70s stairwell.

The beginnings of a green stripe in the 70s stairwell.

At its meeting on December 16, the Board of Education voted to approve a $2,000 purchase of Peppermint Leaf 2033-20 green paint. Over winter break, custodians and professional painters will use this paint to create a green stripe above the existing blue stripe that adorns many of the walls of PHS. Work has already begun in the 70s stairwell.

The painting of a green stripe is the second step in Principal Gary Snyder’s seven-year plan to create hallway rainbows. “@PHSstudents, so excited for our latest addition to the school community!!!!” Snyder tweeted of the green stripe on Monday.

The stripe will also combat the rumor, largely propagated by Enspiration club members, that the original blue stripe was painted as a warning to symbolize the likely water level after the imminent arctic melt. “There’s really no symbolism in the blue stripe,” said Snyder. “Our original intent was to spice up school spirit, but now we’ve expanded to all seven colors of the rainbow. We’ll be adding one stripe per year.”

While the administration did not assign any meaning to their proposed colors, numerous PHS clubs have laid claim to the project, including GSA and Tiger News.

“We’re really looking forward to this next stripe. On our way to a full rainbow, woohoo!” said GSA member Elizabeth Teng ’15.

“We’re glad Principal Snyder got around to clearing things up, what with all the rumors,” said GSA advisor Douglas Levandowski. “He probably should have started with the purple stripe to avoid confusion, but I guess he was saving the best for last.”

The rainbow stripe, from Tiger News’s perspective, has another significance. “The whole crew is ecstatic about this, especially our weatherman. Maybe we’ll be able to report on more misty rainbow weather in the future—that’s such a rare occurrence for us!” said Tiger News on-scene reporter Ian Stewart ’16.

Because of the magnitude of the project, school will close early with a quarter day on Friday, December 19. The day’s bell schedule will represent a combination of the 10 a.m. opening and 1 p.m. closing schedules, with break reduced to seven minutes. According to Snyder, the missed days will be made up at the end of June or even in early August, depending on the number of school closings due to snow, ice, or drizzling rain.

For students concerned about the smell—described as “plastic-y” and “toxic”—created by the blue paint-job of 2013, Snyder assured that they need not fear. “We took the odor into consideration and chose specially scented ‘Minty Fresh’ paint for the new stripe,” he said.

The seven-year plan has been amended to reflect the change.

Snyder said the administration is currently accepting suggestions for the scents of the remaining stripes, which should be delivered to his office by carrier pigeon. “The GSA already put in recommendations for Lemon Yellow, Blood Orange, Fireball Red, and Mocha Purple,” Levandowski said.

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