Random musing: on second semester

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

Here is a list of things I am currently waiting for: a college decision, my sister to come home from China for the first time in five months. The day when I decide that I have put off sending that follow-up email for too long. Submitting my senior collage! Second semester.

The next time you hear from me here, I will have a different byline. I’m waiting for that, too: not being in charge of things anymore, and beginning to let go. By the time June comes, I’ll get to drift into that state of underclassman protection I remember fondly from ninth grade. Is all of this pre-post nostalgia because I’m re-reading parts of the Odyssey in my Contemporary Literature class? I keep zoning out during English and doodling cubes in my planner instead of scanning poems about flies and tygers.

Maybe second semester will really bring the bliss of not having to do homework, of infinite late days. I will finally vacuum my room, clean my

locker, make my bed, cook my friends frittatas on A and E days. Singing in different countries, a new passport to break in, board games and blueberries at all hours of the night. More lists to write, lose! To ignore completely. (Maybe not.)

But today, here is a list of things I’m waiting for that starts now: making pasta, sun, not having the Common App bookmarked anymore. The bell to ring for the last time of 2014: happy winter break.

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