Fall Sports Recap

graphic: Hsinwei Yu

graphic: Hsinwei Yu

Field Hockey

I think that we definitely succeeded in [meeting] our goals for the season. You could even say that we surpassed them … We got to the Mercer County Finals which is huge for us and we even got to State [Semifinals] which was one step further than we got last year. Obviously you could always wish that you could go further but we did amazing things this year and I could not be prouder of my team. I think one of the strongest aspects of our team is how united we are. We’re all just one big family and that’s something you can see not only off the field but also on the field. We wouldn’t be as strong of a team as we are without that bond.

-Campbell McDonald ’15

graphic: Helen Schrayer

graphic: Helen Schrayer


“[I’d want to tell the team to] keep working hard as we’ve been doing right now. We’ve all put in the effort and [they’ve] got to keep doing that [next season] and not just give up.”

-Charles Jenkin ’15

“I think [our best moment this season] might have been the win for Homecoming, against Ewing. It was a great game in front of all those great fans [and] the first time there was a night game here at PHS. It was great to get a win in front of the huge crowd.”

-Head Coach Charles Gallagher

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

Boys Cross Country

Yes, [the goals Shelley makes] do [help us]. The time goals are important to running and also for races. It’s important to hit your goals and also to know if you have improved [in] your races or not.

-James Cao ’15

Noah- “I think that a majority of the team has been hitting their goals throughout the season which means their times are going down and that the team has been getting better throughout the year. I think that is in part [because] the team has … become very closely knit together since the beginning of the season.”

-Noah Chen ’16

graphic: Caleigh Dwyer

graphic: Caleigh Dwyer


“I put a good amount of time into planning the very first practice. [On the actual day] I threw my practice plan out the window; they were heads and shoulders above where we left off last year. So the fact that I wanted every single girl to improve in the off-season, and they came back stronger than last season, that was an immediate goal [that we met] … [This year] we got real wins on the board [by] defeating other varsity teams … We dropped several close matches in three sets, so those are teams that were beatable.”

-Head Coach Patricia Manhart

graphic: Caleigh Dwyer

graphic: Caleigh Dwyer

Girls Soccer

“We always have a couple [of injuries] and they’re not that drastic: they are normally just little ankle things [where] people weren’t out for that often. But then this year we had a lot of injuries and at one point we had nine healthy players … We had to pull up three [players] from JV … I think the proudest moment for the team was beating Hightstown [High School]. It was two games after we had nine healthy players so we had a couple come back which was nice but we were still in our new formation with people playing different roles. Hightstown was definitely coming in thinking they were going to beat us … They saw us as underdogs but we didn’t play that way. It was really pretty soccer.”

-Emily Pawlak ’15

graphic: Hsihsin Liu

graphic: Hsihsin Liu

Girls Cross Country

“Our two primary day-to-day [goals] are doing the best we can every day to become the best athletes we can be, and to be good to each other. Those are our two team philosophies that we use and [they] aren’t going to change year-to-year.”

-Head Coach James Smirk

“The message that I [want to] give to my team is to stay relentless day in and day out. No matter what, if we stay tough and run through everything that we are faced with, no one can stop us. And of course, crush it, whenever you step on the line.”

-Mary Sutton ’15

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