Homeroom broadcast Tiger News expands content in its fourth year

photo: Nathan Drezner

photo: Nathan Drezner

Every Wednesday after second period, PHS students make their way to their homeroom classes to take a break from the regular school schedule. During this seventeen-minute long period, the student body has the opportunity to view a brief school news broadcast, Tiger News. Founded by Michelle Goldman ’14 and Andrew Goldstein ’14 during their sophomore year, this student-run show has become an outlet for not only news, but also entertainment.

After coming up with the idea, Goldstein shared his concept with Goldman and the show was created. In September of 2011, Goldstein had an idea about starting a broadcast. “A week later, we had a meeting in Mr. Gallagher’s room,” said Goldman. “He recruited some people to be anchors and cameramen.” The show first aired in October 2011.

Goldman had not intended it to be a formal organization, just an experiment of ideas. After filming their first videos, Goldman and Goldstein posted links on YouTube and sent links to various homeroom teachers for the work to be broadcasted.

Over the years, Goldman said the small project has transformed into a widely known source of entertainment. “I think the show’s main purpose is … to get people to be aware of what’s going on around school,” said Goldman. “There are a lot of events people aren’t aware of … As the show got older, I think the show turned into something people enjoyed watching. Every week, [students would want] to see what we’d bring to the table.”

Some students agree that the show has become a form of entertainment. “It was pretty fun to watch the different people interact, especially with the whole … two-anchor dynamic,” said Philip Trevisan ’15.

In addition to entertaining the student body, Tiger News continues to achieve its original goal  of informaing students of PHS affairs. Kevin Tang ’16 said, “I think it’s really interesting [that] I get to see how the school changes, how the people change around the school … and how the school works with the community to help each other.”

Since its first episodes, Tiger News has expanded its components. Now, on top of its original five sections—school news, weather, sports, current events, and guest speaker—the broadcast has added special segments, such as “Ibhan’s Corner,” a short comedy segment hosted by Ibhan Kulkarni ’15, and on-scene reports. Over the course of three years, Tiger News has evolved from small informational videos into a weekly homeroom event.

This year, Tiger News focuses on enhancing the quality of the show. New additions to the original technologies include graphics, backgrounds, and a green screens. Gabrielle Petruso ’15, the Computer Graphics Operator, said, “We’re trying to get new technology involved to make [the show] more realistic, like a real … news cast. [We also] try to incorporate some humor … [so] it’s enjoyable to watch.”

Due to the PREA contract conflict, Tiger News, along with all other clubs in which teachers are not compensated for their work, will be temporarily discontinued starting on December 1. However, the club does plan to continue weekly broadcasts as soon as the conflict is resolved, continuing its three-year legacy.

Tiger News has evolved from its original idea, and has become a combination of both informative and entertainment news broadcasting. With advances in technology, the producers are working to improve the show’s quality. Goldman and Goldstein’s project has become a weekly tradition at PHS—one that not only delivers information to the student body, but it also concentrates on entertaining students. “It’s a really big progress … [There are] lots of areas of improvements … but I know we passed [it into] good hands,” said Goldman.

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