Up to our feet in shoes


Coach Rodriguez: “What I used to look for [in a soccer cleat] was simple. I was an Adidas Copas player which meant black, three stripes, [all] the same. Nowadays, it seems the lighter the better, the brighter the better…but it also seems like they’re good quality and Nikes are the cleats that everybody [is] going for.”

Andrew Goldsmith ‘17: “Most of the time, I look for the lightest cleats [which help] you…run faster. Some [cleats] also have extra leather which can help your touch.”


Field Hockey:

Georgia McLean ‘17: “For field hockey [shoes], I look for traction because you never know if you’re going to be on the grass and you never know when you’re going to be on the track, so I definitely don’t want to slip and fall. [If your shoes are uncomfortable] then you [cannot] focus on playing, and obviously that’s the most important thing when you’re at field hockey practice.”

Campbell McDonald ’15: [I look for] support and comfort, but also shoes that make me light on my feet. I usually prefer turfs or sneakers to cleats because they make me feel speedier.



Coach Gallagher: “It all depends on the surface that they’re playing on, and for us I think the lower the cleat…the better [because] we play a lot on turf, so we don’t need as much traction. “

Joe Hawes ’15: “It has to have a nice form to it and the spikes have to not be worn down too easily… [because] of durability and save-ability so I don’t break my ankles when I play.”



Brinda Suppiah ’17: “I look for good arch support flexibility … something that helps me bounce, [while] not too sturdy, and very durable.”

Nikhita Salgame ‘16: “So in a tennis shoe I look for a lot [of] support and a shoe that doesn’t wear out really easily, especially when you’re sliding on the court, that could wear out the sides of the shoes….Right now I really like Asics shoes for tennis, they’re comfortable and light which is really nice to move around with.”


Cross Country:

Izzy Trenholm ‘17: “When you’re training during practice, or going for a jog, you want to wear more supportive shoes, so they’re going to be a little heavier than when you race. When you race you wear less supportive shoes, but they’re also a lot lighter so you can go faster and they have spikes on the bottom that cling to the ground.”

Sarah Klebanov ’16: “I look for something that’s comfortable and has a lot of support … [because] I have really flat feet. I find that with more supportive shoes I get injured less easily. For spikes I look for something that’s very light.”



Noa Levy ‘17: “For volleyball we wear shoes that have a rubber bottom. [They] give great support for your ankles, and they help you jump, so [they don’t] ruin your feet.”

Nancy Gray ‘17: “I look for cleats with good traction, so I don’t slip and slide everywhere.”

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