Blurb: Cheerleading

graphic: Aileen Wu

graphic: Aileen Wu

When the 18 girls on the cheerleading team began practicing during the August preseason, they did not realize that this year’s agenda would include more celebratory cheers than in the past.

“This year we have done really well and plan to have a great season. We have a lot of talented, dedicated, and hardworking girls on the team,” said Senior Captain Gabbie Petruso ’15.

“Since preseason, we’ve definitely gotten a lot better at stunting and are more in sync when doing our cheers,” said Leila Moustafa ’17. “Everything looks a lot better because we’ve practiced so much since preseason.”

The girls participate in one competition every year, the Colonial Valley Conference. They are currently preparing for the competition, which will take place on November 22 at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North.

“This year we’re doing something different and not incorporating a cheer, but instead using all music at the competition, which means it is an all-dance routine,” said Petruso. It will be the first year that Princeton High School has ever done a routine with only music.

For the cheer team to work well together, team bonding is an important factor. Moustafa said, “We have the annual cheer sleepover soon, which will definitely help with bonding. Also, since practice is held late every day—around 4:00—we all hang out around the school store talking and just having fun with one another.”

In addition to preparing for competitions, the cheerleaders help to prepare the student body for upcoming football games. They try to incorporate cheers that fans like, such as the “Dynamite” cheer, to produce the best game-day atmosphere possible. Moustafa said, “We all try to get involved with the fans and do whatever we can do to make them happy and enjoy the games.”

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