Random Musing: on adventures

graphic: Hsinwei Yu

graphic: Hsinwei Yu

Not too long ago, my friends and I gorged ourselves on all-you-can-eat-sushi and tiny orange slices. We had come up with this idea: we were going to sleep in my backyard.

That was the whole plan: to have an adventure, to sleep somewhere new. I had never slept in my backyard before or considered asking other people to join me. We drove home from the restaurant full of tempura and seaweed and excitement.

It was dark when we got to my house, and cool. We got the tent and sleeping bags out of the trunk and set up right in the middle of the yard. I went to my bedroom and threw my blanket with the solar system on it out of the window so that it landed on the plants below.

Sitting in our sleeping bags, we took turns asking each other questions about our favorite colors and environmental science. We made a toast to the moon with syrupy RiteAid house-brand soda.

This year I’m trying to have more nights like this, more weekends where homework can be put off until Sunday night and I can spend time with my friends. It’s working so far.

The next morning, we took the tent and put it back into the trunk. Before we went to go get bagels for brunch, I noticed the big square left in the grass where the tent had been. Using my hands, I fluffed up all of the flat grass until it was like we hadn’t been there at all.

Sometimes the best adventures have been waiting for a very long time, maybe even outside your bedroom window.

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