App of the Month: Boson X

Although it was released in 2013, Boson X’s simple yet addictive gameplay accounts for its continued popularity today. As a scientist trapped in a particle accelerator, you must run along a series of tiles to pass each level in this third-person endless-runner game. To progress in the game, you must run over specific blue tiles in a 3-D, maze-type environment—all without falling off fast-moving white and red tiles. As you collect energy from these blue tiles, you get closer to reaching a 100 percent filled progress bar, which represents the discovery of a new particle. Once you’ve beaten the level, you can continue into an endless mode and play until you fall off. If you are able to beat all six levels in a pack, you discover the “Boson X Particle,” and have effectively beaten the game (note: the free PC version only has one six-level pack, the iOS version has two six-level packs, and the Steam version has three six-level packs). In addition, each individual level has its own soundtrack and presents its own unique challenges.

$2.99 for Mac, PC, or Linux via Steam, and $1.99 for Android or iOS.


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  1. Anon says:

    Neat, I might just have to check this out!

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