Pencil These In: A preview of the school year

pencil these in - sept 04First day of school: September 4, 7:50 a.m. It’s your first day! Lose the butterflies in your stomach and be prepared to get lost in a sea of new people. For suggestions on what to bring to Day 1, see page 3.

Picture day: September 5, during your gym period. Whether or not you want wallet-sized images, your picture day photos are the ones that will appear on your school-issued ID—so make sure you look presentable. Head over to page 4 for more tips on how to prepare.

Spirit week: week of September 15. Show your PHS pride by participating in this weeklong sequence of psychs! Ranging from Twin Day to Class Colors Day, this week is sure to generate plenty of Instagram photos.

Homecoming: September 19 and 20, times TBD. You have completed two full weeks at PHS— celebrate that milestone by attending the homecoming football game on September 19 and the dance on September 20.

Club Fair: September 24, 1:49 p.m., in the gyms. Your introduction to the depth and breadth of PHS clubs, the club fair features tables advertising what each club does. Of course, it doesn’t include all clubs, but it will give you a sense for those that are most popular at PHS. For more information about clubs, see page 9.

Back-to-School Night: October 1, 7 p.m. By this time, you’ll be very familiar with the layout of PHS, so you’ll enjoy your parent or guardian’s stories of getting lost in the halls. Contrary to popular belief, students may come to back-to-school night.

Fall Fest: October 8, 1:49 p.m. Fall Fest is many clubs’ first opportunity to fundraise through the student body. At tables set up in the gym or by the front entrance, students can buy food or participate in a number of other activities, like face painting or pie-ing teachers.

Winter concert: December 18, time TBD. Put on just before winter break in Princeton University’s iconic gothic chapel, the winter concert features all of the school’s choir and orchestra groups. Highlights include PHS Choir’s candlelit procession down the aisle and solos by PHS Orchestra seniors.

Winter break: December 24–January 4. It’s your first lengthy break of the school year! Make sure to take this time to recharge, especially since midterm exams are quickly approaching (the end of January!). Also, this year we’re especially lucky: due to the way the holidays fall, we have a full 12 days of break, rather than the usual 10.

Mr. PHS: PAC, February 20, time TBD. Representing a variety of clubs, the senior boys who participate in this pageant put on a number of performances such as lip syncing and swimsuit and tuxedo shows in hopes of winning the title Mr. PHS or the Cutie-Booty Award. Winners receive a $100 prize for the club they represent and are chosen by an all-staff panel.

Spring musical: March 19–21, times TBD. The culminating project of the Musical Theater class, the spring musical is also a collaboration between several other student groups, including the Spectacle Theatre club—which is responsible for costumes, fundraising, and set design— and the pit orchestra (which draws from PHS Orchestra and Studio Band).

Spring break: March 28–April 6. Take some time to relax this week, since you’ve been working hard for the past three marking periods. When you return to school, you’ll only have a few months left!

Prom: May 22, time TBD. Although prom is only open to juniors and seniors and their dates, anyone can enjoy appreciating apparel and stalking the elaborate “promposals” on Facebook.

Spring Fling: May 27, 1:49 p.m. Help clubs end their year on a good note with Spring Fling, the vernal answer to Fall Fest.

pencil these in - june 18

graphics: Elizabeth Teng

Last day of school: June 18 (we hope). Although too many snow days can push it back, the last day of school is fun regardless of the actual date. Hang out in the hallways, sign yearbooks, or hear the a cappella groups’ last performance at Final Arch in the afternoon. In the early evening, come to graduation, which, if the weather is nice, is held out on the front lawn.