Faculty at PHS who aren’t in the classrooms

Guidance Counselors

Kyle Campisi, Kristina Donovan, Tom Filippone, Sonia Reso, Nipurna Shah, Paulo Velasco – Whether it be peer relationships, stress, finding a job, school scheduling problems, or communication issues with teachers or parents, your counselor is there to help make your life easier. When it does come time to apply to colleges, your guidance counselor writes a recommendation letter to schools you apply to, so it is important to maintain a positive relationship with him or her.

Building Monitor

Scott Goldsmith – Mr. Goldsmith, also known to many as Goldy, is an iconic figure amongst the halls at PHS. Always moving, either on his feet or with his notorious golf cart, Goldy is there to protect the students, make announcements in the morning, distribute detention slips, and hand out the highly coveted “happy days”.

Custodial Staff

Glenn Crawford, Leon Pulsinelle, Sumei Shin, Rosey Volcy, George Weigand – Is your locker jammed? Did you forget your combination? This has happened to us all, so don’t be shy to reach out to any of our custodians.


Gary Snyder – Along with his role in managing many aspects of PHS, Mr. Snyder is a good resource for new students in need of guidance as you can often find him in the main intersection, or outside on a nice day, between classes and breaks. A great biking partner and an exceptional tweeter, Mr. Snyder is one you’d love to have a conversation with!

Ideas Center Director

Andrea Dinan – Dr. Dinan runs the Ideas Center, which can be found on the second floor, right above the main office. If you ever need a tutor for a class or maybe are looking to become a tutor for others, she is the one to see! Any sophomore community service requirements will be handled through her, as well as finding a group that fits you!

Athletic Secretary

Kathy Herzog – If you ever need a pass to leave class early for a game, Ms. Herzog is the one to help you! You can usually find these passes on the file shelf around the corner from the weight room. On the rare occasion that they aren’t there, feel free to go to Ms. Herzog and she’ll most likely be more than willing to print you a pass and often extras to distribute to other teammates in need.

Dean of Students

Diana Lygas – You may not see her, but we are sure you have seen or heard her name! Ms. Lygas is the woman behind the curtain for many of the events at our school. New student orientation each year is put together by Ms. Lygas, and she is also there to approve of any new club idea or posters that you want to hang up.

School Psychologist

David Rosenfeld – Dr. Rosenfeld is here to talk to students objectively and provide support when facing any high school challenges. His office lies right next to the Ideas Center, and he is always there to listen.

Athletic Trainer

Shannon Koch – Did you just get injured? Do you need your ankle wrapped or guidance on stretches? Either way, Ms. Koch is who you want to see. You can find her on our fields or courts during home games or in her office across from the locker rooms during practice. If you have a concussion, she’ll be the first to know and the first to help!

School Nurses

Margarida Cruz, Lisa Goldsmith – If you’re ever feeling under the weather, these are the women to see! They will gladly take your temperature or allow you to lay your head down for a few minutes. Also, if you are ever looking for athletic forms, the nurses can provide you with the ones you need to play your sport.