What’s in my backpack

I am, by nature, a packrat. After not being able to carry around a backpack in middle school, the ability to carry WHATEVER I WANTED around with me at PHS at all times was incredibly exciting. In addition to my lunch and all of my books, papers, and gym clothes, it’s great to have things that always stay in my backpack to keep me company. Having a well-stocked backpack in high school has been of utmost importance to me for outdoor exploring, random adventures, and everyday accidents. If your backpack gets too heavy, you’ve got your locker for storage; I would still recommend keeping these things there if you’re not going to carry them! Here’s what I carry around with me.

Jade's Backpack

After reading this, you may be convinced that my backpack is super heavy. I can tell you with complete confidence that any extra weight is completely worth it (for me, at least). A well-equipped backpack can give you a little more calmness in the chaos that high school can throw at you.