Unlimited opportunities: joining clubs

Not only will you find that high school is physically bigger than middle school, but you will also discover that there are many more people to meet and many more activities to take part in. Coming into high school, all students have their own agenda, whether it be to find a new interest, join something to impress colleges (don’t deny it), or become a part of nothing at all. However, you may find that what you originally intended to do may change. There are many ways to approach clubs, sports, and organizations at PHS, but the great thing about it all is that if you join something and don’t like it, dozens of more options are available.

When I was a freshman, I joined and quit several clubs and sports. I immediately wanted to get involved, so I became a part of Speech and Debate, Model UN, and track. Although they are great activities and many people enjoy them, I realized that I just don’t like debating and running, so I quit them all. I came out of freshman year not being in any clubs, but I was ready to dive into activities in tenth grade. Sophomore year I started anew, joining the Tower, Spectacle Theatre, and the Ideas Center Program. Not only did I enjoy these new activities a lot, but I met new people and learned new skills. By midyear I was ready to expand once again, and together with several friends started my own club. Between all of these activities I feel much more involved in the school community and part of high school life.

The point is that extracurricular choices as PHS are almost unlimited. I highly recommend that you attend multiple club interest meetings at the beginning of the year. Activities at school help you look forward to the end of each school day. For those of you like me who join something and don’t like it, don’t give up. Once I found what my special activities were, time spent doing schoolwork was not as bad because I had extracurriculars that really motivated me.