Passing time, time passing

Some people still think I’m a freshman. Some people, maybe some of you, will think I’m a freshman. I don’t blame you; I still think I’m a freshman in some ways. But then I remember, I’m a senior and I’m applying to college this year. I am now starting to count my first “lasts” of high school.

I still remember my first day walking into PHS. It wasn’t even the first day of school. It was freshman orientation. I remember how I felt taking the very disorienting tour. (Don’t worry, there’s a handy dandy map on page 6–7 that’s much clearer than the map the school provides.) I remember roaming around the first floor for an hour after orientation with my friend, trying to find my locker. (Turns out, we kept passing it as we made loops.) After the tour, I was so overwhelmed, I told my mom, “Mom, we need to go back to school before my first day so that I can walk through my schedule at least three times.” I was determined not to get lost. So that’s what happened three years ago. Clear as a crystal.

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

graphic: Elizabeth Teng

Freshman year was fleeting, and then sophomore year flew by, and then junior year passed in a blink of an eye. I counted the days and thought, This can’t be right. How is it that every day felt so long, waiting for that 2:51 bell, that every week felt so long, waiting for Friday, yet June was here before I knew it? This happened for three years, and it probably will happen again this year. Except this time, June means graduation (and I’m still having trouble getting over that fact). I lived daily, weekly, quarterly, and semesterly, and time just disappeared. I don’t know how I ended up here. I still can’t quite believe it myself. Ever since I arrived at the high school, time seemed to speed up endlessly, like I was being sucked into a vortex, my velocity increasing as I got closer and closer to the end that never seemed to come.

But while I was falling in, I was having the time of my life. I was surrounded by wonderful friends, peers, teammates, co-editors, advisers, teachers—genuinely wonderful people. I found an awesome community at PHS and, for all the activities I participate in, or even those I don’t, I see the awesome bonds between all the students, bonds comparable to those of a family. Although I moved in and out of a couple clubs my freshman year, I finally got settled in just a few. My dedication to these few clubs allowed me to really connect with the people around me, and they provided me with people to hold on to and memories to remember, even as time was flying by.