Extracurriculars at PHS


LINC-affiliated*: 101: Fund, Do Something, Ideas Center, PHS UNICEF, Think Pink, True Blue

True Blue’s goal is to create a happier, more respectful school community. The club puts on several events throughout the year, including midterm care packages in the second marking period, compliment bulletin boards, and the annual True Blue week with themed days.

In the Ideas Center, students can tutor each other in any subject. Tutors and tutees come from all grades, and can sign up simply by visiting the center, which is located above the main office (see our map on page 6).

Non–LINC-affiliated*: End Child Hunger Organization, Operation Smile, Save the Elephants, Sending to Sol-diers, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Suicide Awareness for Education

Through bake sales and a yearly fashion show, End Child Hunger Organization raises money to end worldwide child hunger. Each year, the group chooses a new organization to support with that goal.

*Learning In the Community groups allow sophomores to meet their 50-hour community service requirement. Many are open for freshmen to join as well, although freshmen cannot earn hours.


Asian American Club

Anime Club

The Break Out Club organizes small performances during break where members can show off their talents in anything from music to poetry and more.

Join Bull Moose Club to engage in open political discussions in a non-partisan environment. The club engages in debates involving contemporary issues and is named after the third party Teddy Roosevelt ran under in 1912.

Democrats Club

Film Club

Food Blog Club

European Club

Fashion Club

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Generation 1 is a community of students who will be the first in their family to attend college. This club provides an environment in which members can receive college advice, engage in cultural activities, get tutored, prepare for standardized tests, and more.

Green Do it Yourself Club

Illuminati Club

Latinos Unidos

Korean Club

Looking to take 30 minutes to escape from your everyday stresses and monitor the natural flow of your thoughts? Join Mindfulness Meditation Group in the Fagles room.

Panini Club

Pokémon Club

Prayer Group

Psychology Club

While the actors appear on stage, the members of Spectacle Theatre run everything else from publicity and fundraising to costumes and makeup, as well as stage lighting and sound.

Street Pass High

Teenage Republicans


Language clubs: Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish

Math and science clubs: Chess, Computer and Robotics, Environmentalism, Math Team, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Shore Bowl

Odyssey of the Mind participates in creative problem solving competitions that test skills of engineering, drama, and teamwork.

If you’re interested in anything science-related, join Science Bowl and/or Science Olympiad. Bowl offers a broader, quiz bowl-style experience, while SciOly focuses on specific tests or building events in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and earth science.

Shore Bowl: Science Bowl for oceanography lovers.

Public speaking and political clubs: Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Junior States of America, Speech & Debate (Forensics)

Join Junior States of America to engage in student debates, discussions, and problem solving simulations, relating to politics and government, foreign affairs, and law and education.

Literary and artistic clubs: Filmmaking, The Ivy, Numina Gallery, Photography, The Prince, Shakespeare, Spork, the Tower

PHS’s culinary magazine, Spork, is published on a quarterly basis and features reviews, recipes, food photography, and articles about local dining.

The Tower: the creator of what you’re reading right now. Contribute to PHS’s award-winning, monthly newspaper by writing, drawing, photography, or simply reading!

Found near the changing rooms on PHS’s low-est level (see map on page 6), the student-run Numina Gallery displays student and local artwork at several shows over the course of the year.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Badminton Club

Futsal Club

Ski Club

Crew Club

Join Princeton High Ultimate Club to enjoy frisbee games out on the front lawn!