Jobs you didn’t know existed

With over 100 million workers in the U.S., the job each person holds ranges from the common, cliché cubicle job to the dirty jobs found in all eight seasons of, well, Dirty Jobs. There are the jobs you grow up hearing about (no, really, I’m going to be a firefighter when I grow up) to the vital jobs done so quietly you never even knew you could get paid to do. Here are our top jobs that you probably didn’t know existed.

Pet food tester: Hey, someone has to do it, right? Not only is pet food checked for vitamins, but also for its taste. The smell, taste, and texture is checked and double checked — but don’t worry, these testers tend to spit the food out after getting a bite. In addition, pet food testers are in charge of coming up with new nutritious ideas for pet food.

Mattress jumper: Along the lines of a furniture tester is a mattress tester, who jumps on mattresses to compress them and make sure they are optimal for sleeping. Reuben Reynoso is one of these lucky jumpers. “It’s work … It’s not for everybody. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. This is not a game … Not to me,” he said to SFGate, a San Francisco news source.

Golf ball retriever: Ever wondered what happens to all those golf balls that get pitched into the water? Golf ball retrievers rescue sunken balls, selling them later as ‘used’ to golf courses. The pay actually gets quite high, depending on the golf course.