Golf team looks to overcome its equipment expenses

As the PHS golf team enters its 20th season, the team faces several challenges, including expensive equipment and being one of the only co-ed teams at the high school.

The school pays for transportation to and from Springdale Golf Course and Princeton Country Club, golf balls, and player fees. However, the athletes have to buy their own golf clubs.

“I would say we are the most expensive sport,” said Coach Sheryl Severance. “Golf clubs are very expensive, especially good ones. You can spend a couple hundred dollars [on a decent golf club], and be okay. But get a golf club in your hands that you are fitted for, and [that is] made for your swing [costs more], and it is a world of difference in your game.” Severance has never faced a losing season as coach of the team.

Golf clubs can vary in price from $50 to $250,000, which is how much Tiger Woods’ clubs are worth. Laura Burke ’14 explained that the better a player is at golf, the more willing he or she will be to spend money on golf clubs. “It is more about who is willing to spend the extra cash versus everyone needing to spend large amounts of money,” said Burke.

“[The cost of a golf club] depends [on] what the person’s personal tastes are, and if they really want to spend the money,” said Andrew Huang ’16.

As of right now, the team does not do any fundraising to help address equipment costs. However, Severance says that if someone needed help getting clubs, there would be to cater to his or her needs.

There will be thirty students, both boys and girls, going out for the co-ed team this year, but the team used to be made up of predominantly boys. “When I was a freshman and the only girl, I was so scared. So this season I want to make sure that the freshmen are comfortable and have fun,” said Burke.

Not only are girls part of the golf team, but they seem to be some of the most important members. “Our best golfer this year is a female. That’s Laura Burke ’14, and another girl, Diane Karloff ’14 is our number three or four,” said Severance.

Despite its challenges, the golf team continues to attract new members and has high hopes for this season.

“There are some really hardworking kids on the team who want to become good, so the price doesn’t affect them,” said Burke.

“We’ve had a very successful past; we’re just in a little lull right now. I’m hoping to have a better season this year,” said Severance.