Athlete of the Month: Michelle Bazile

photo: Leah Coppotelli

photo: Leah Coppotelli

Most athletes’ careers are shaped by a number of important factors: role models and heroes, goals and records, experiences and accomplishments, and passion for what they do. All of these things have contributed to the throwing career of Michelle Bazile ’14, who competes for the PHS spring track and field team. Bazile is very excited for the season to come and hopes to add to her long list of memories and achievements.

Bazile has a long family history rooted in track and field, as both of her parents were on the Bates College team—her father was a hurdler and her mother was a sprinter and jumper. With her dad as coach, Bazile joined her middle school track team in sixth grade, and has stuck with the sport ever since.

Like most competitive athletes, Bazile has a routine that she goes through before every meet. In addition to warming up physically for her events, she also has superstitions that she thinks help her perform better. “Before big meets, I always go to Wawa and get a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel and a cappuccino, because I think the caffeine really helps,” she said.

Having a role model to look up to has also affected Bazile’s success. “My specific role model is Timmy Brennan [’12], who now throws for Dartmouth College. Timmy’s a beast, and there’s not a day at practice that I don’t think about how much he helped me get where I am today,” she said. “I just want to throw as far as Timmy.”

Of her many experiences with track, Bazile has specific accomplishments that she is especially proud of. Coming in eighth at New Balance Outdoor Nationals for discus was a big step for her, although in her opinion it was “a pretty horrible day.” Additionally, Bazile went 139–3 in the discus at the 2013 Penn Relays Carnival to place sixth overall and third in the nation.

Helping the girls spring track team win MCTs her sophomore year is a cherished memory that is particularly special for her. “It was a pretty great day. [It was] awesome weather for a track meet, [and] I got a personal record in shot and disc, too,” said Bazile. “There were a ton of hardworking and talented people on the team, and they definitely deserved that win.” Bazile’s combined efforts in the shot put and discus events scored 18 of the team’s 87 points, helping PHS to edge out West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South for the title by half of a point.
Although this was Bazile’s only time being part of a county-winning team, she has won five county championships—one in the discus and four in the shot put. While she has won titles in both, Bazile prefers discus over shot put. “It’s a lot more fun, I think, and I am overall better at it.”

Bazile will throw for Brown University track and field team come next winter, joining her role model Brennan on the Ivy League circuit.

If you were a computer, what brand would you be? Dell … Everyone digs Dell.
Describe the monster under your bed. The monster under my bed holds
a copy of the Odyssey and keeps muttering “balance is best in all things.”
Favorite Disney Princess? Mulan
What would a book about your life be titled? Why at This Moment Am I
Not Asleep and/or Eating.
If you could ask any celebrity to Prom, who would it be? Beyoncé