Athlete of the Month: Ben Gross, Baseball

The baseball career of Ben Gross ’14 has been full of ups and downs. Although injuries prevented Gross from progressing in both his freshman and sophomore years, Gross’ performance, both as an outfielder and a pitcher, carried the team to a 9–15 record last season. This record was an improvement over previous seasons.

Baseball has been a part Gross’ life for so long, he has forgotten exactly how he was introduced to the sport. “I don’t really remember how it all started, I just remember growing up and playing,” said Gross. After many years of practice, Gross’ passion for the game remains strong. “I just enjoy playing the sport,” Gross said.

It took Gross many seasons to reach where he is today. His first two years of high school were spent on the junior varsity team, but last year he was able to break through as a valuable player at the varsity level. “Last year was my [first] full year on varsity. I was healthy, I started playing really well, and that was a really good season for the team and for myself,” said Gross.

Last season also featured Gross’ personal favorite moment from his baseball career: Princeton High School’s 3–2 win against Princeton Day School. “It was just a good baseball game. And we ended up winning late in the game, so that made it a fun game to play,” said Gross. With a career base percentage of .413 to go along with an earned run average of 2.37, Gross has contributed to the program through both hitting and pitching.

Gross has both short term and long term plans. This year, he hopes that the team can keep last season’s momentum going and improve its performance. “This year we are looking to have an equally good season if not better [than last year’s],” said Gross. Next year, he will attend Princeton University and play for the varsity baseball team.

“I committed to Princeton University the week before school started,” said Gross. Although he is focused on his performance this season, Gross is still eager for next year’s college season. “Obviously I’m excited to play my favorite sport at … a great school. I hope we’ll be successful as a team [next year at Princeton].”

Everyone involved in the baseball program has had a large influence on Gross during his time on the field for PHS. “Everyone affiliated with the baseball team … has been really helpful along the way,” said Gross. In particular, Gross’ teammates are part of the reason why he keeps playing every spring. “[The] friends that I’ve made on the team [draw me back to the sport].”

If you were a computer, what brand would you be? MacBook Pro
Describe the monster under your bed. He’s big, blue, and his name
is Kitty.
Favorite Disney Princess? Cinderella
What would a book about your life be titled? I Saw, I Came,
I Conquered.
If you could ask any celebrity to Prom, who would it be? Bar Refaeli